How Califonria treats permanent cancer disability in workers compensation claims

Whole Person Impairments for Cancer, the Role of Medical Evaluators, and Workers’ Compensation: What You Need to Know

Various forms of Cancer have been found to have an industrial nexus. As a result, Injured Workers have successfully pursued claims of Cancer as an industrial injury. As a result of some of these Cancer Injuries, Injured Workers may be entitled to a Permanent Disability Award. In order to get a Permanent Disability Award, an Injured Worker must have Medical Evaluator Opinions and Reporting.

This article will discuss the nature of industrial cancers and how the State of California Department of Industrial Relations want Medical Evaluators to approach their assessment of Whole Person Impairment. Further, it will discuss how Whole Person Impairment translates into Permanent Disability.

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Doctor performing tele-evalutation via webcam during coronavirus pandemic

Telehealth, Teleevaluations and Workers’ Compensation: Treatment and Evaluations Amidst the Coronavirus Disease

As a result of the Coronavirus Disease, Injured Workers’ access to Treating Physicians and Evaluating Physicians have been compromised. There are Injured Workers who are on quarantine and are not able to attend appointments or evaluations. These appointments are important to Injured Workers in that these reports are the basis for the provision of workers’ compensation benefits such as temporary disability payments, permanent disability benefits, additional medical treatment such as a referral to procedures, testing, and specialties. These evaluations can also provide the basis for Insurance Companies accepting the Injured Workers’ Claim as industrial.

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How MTUS relates to workers compensation claims

The Language of the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS) and Workers’ Compensation Approval of Medical Treatment: What You Need to Know

California Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment is confusing to Injured Workers. Injured Workers frequently have problems getting medical care. Many times, the treatment requests from their Treating Physicians are denied by the Insurance Company via a Utilization Review process.

This article will discuss and explain some of the terms used with respect to the Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule and what they mean to Injured Workers. These definitions are from 8 CCR § 9792.20.

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Medical assistants and workers compensation claims

Physician’s Assistants, Psychological Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners: Treatment for Injured Workers by Medical Assistants and Workers’ Compensation: What You Need to Know

For Work Injuries in California, many Injured Workers are seen by Physician’s Assistants (PA), Psychological Assistants (PA), and Nurse Practitioners (NP) as part of their industrial treatment.

This article will discuss how and why these Assistants are considered as medical providers within the Workers’ Compensation System.

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Work hardening and work conditioning programs in California

Work Hardening and Work Conditioning: Industrially Injured Workers and Treatment Programs to Assist in Their Return to the Workplace

Some Injured Workers who have sustained significant industrial injuries have difficulties with respect to their ability to return to the workforce. Workers’ Compensation medical treatment can provide assistance to Injured Workers when they return to the open labor market. These forms of medical treatment specifically designed for returning to work are “Work Hardening” and “Work Conditioning” Programs.

These return to work medical treatment programs can assist Injured Workers in returning to their usual and customary occupations, modified work positions, an alternative work positions or in be provided in conjunction with a job retraining program.

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