The Disability Evaluation Unit (DEU), DEU Raters, Permanent Disability Ratings & Your Workers’ Compensation Case: What You Need To Know

In Workers’ Compensation, Permanent Disability Ratings are a part of the compensation benefits received by Injured Workers. As an Injured Worker goes through their workers’ compensation claim, they receive medical reporting from Treating Doctors, Qualified Medical Evaluators, Agreed Medical Evaluators or Regular Physicians which provide for Permanent Disability Impairments.

The Permanent Disability Impairment Reports must be taken and placed into a Permanent Disability Rating Formula to determine the Permanent Disability Percentage. This formula provides for adjustments for age and occupation. The Department of Industrial Relations has a special unit which assists the parties in analyzing the medical reports and providing the permanent disability percentage. This article will discuss this special unit, the Disability Evaluation Unit. Continue reading

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