Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) and Your Workers’ Compensation Case: What You Need to Know?

Certain public employees do not participate in the Federal Social Security Program. Rather, they participate in other retirement systems. Some of these retirement systems are administrated by the State of California, Counties, or Cities and/or Municipalities.

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Insurance Companies and their Duty to Investigate in Workers’ Compensation Cases

With respect to my Workers’ Compensation Claim, Does the Insurance Company handling my Claim have a duty to treat me fairly?

Yes. California law requires that Injured Workers be treated fairly. Regulation Section 10109 section (e) provides that “Insurers, self-insured employers and third-party administrators shall deal fairly and in good faith with all claimants” Not only does this section apply to the injured worker, it also applies to any dependent’s claims as well. Dependent’s claims may arise upon the injured worker’s death. In those circumstances, there can either be a death claim or an accrued benefits claim on a “live” claim. In other terms, any outstanding unpaid benefits owed up to the date of death.

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What Are California Workers’ Compensation Medical Appointments and Evaluations?

How Can They Damage a Worker’s Claim of Industrial Injury?

In California Workers’ Compensation Law, Injured Workers attend both medical treatment appointments and medical legal evaluations as part of their claims. While these appointments are intended to provide either treatment or assess aspects of Injured Worker’s claim, such as permanent disability, these examinations and evaluations can also inform Insurance Companies of information that cast doubt as to the validity or the severity of both, the Injured Worker’s claim and/or their entitlement to benefits. These items are frequently called “red flags.” Many doctors who contract with insurance companies will note these “red flags” within their reporting.

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What is a Workers’ Compensation Permanent Disability Percentage?

Why is it Important?

In California Workers’ Compensation Law, a Permanent Disability Percentage is a number which is assigned to an Injured Worker’s Permanent Disability.  In many circumstances, Permanent Disability Percentages make no sense. It is quite possible that two Injured Workers with identical injuries can end up with completely different Permanent Disability Percentages.  This article will explain how this process works and what it means for permanent disability benefits in California. Continue reading

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