Client Reviews

Terrific lawyer

Mr. Singer did an excellent job on my husband’s case. My husband got injured at work and we spoke to several lawyers who seemed to run their firms like a mill. We finally met with Ed. He met us on the weekend and I was amazed of his knowledge of not only workman’s compensation law, but also medical issues. He fought very hard for us. His staff of paralegals were also wonderful. I would recommend Ed.

- (5 star review)


I’ve been with Mr. Singer since 2007….. This case has been drawn out due to my previous employers lack of accountability. I appreciate the fact that Ed has been consistent and continues to fight the fight for me to get what is right…. A lot of other Attorneys would have told me to give up and accept the measly settlement they have offered, believe me I’ve been tempted because it’s been a long road of B.S. However, because he believes what they have done is wrong and discriminatory towards me, he continues to battle for me and my greater good without having received a red cent, and for that I am truly grateful! I appreciate that he is available to discuss things via telephone, or in the office, although sometimes it is a few weeks out, but I understand. I have entrusted him to handle my case and I let him do his work, and know that I will be notified of any pertinent information. However, I am not one that needs to be updated daily on the status because I know my previous employer is dragging their feet on the whole thing, they are a government agency after all. Sooooo, thank you Ed for your continued support and determination regarding my case!!!

- (5 star review)

Good Lawyer

I have recommended seven people to Ed and they all have been happy. Call him and he will call back.

- (5 star review)