Safety Officer & Law Enforcement Lawyer

The Law Offices of Edward J . Singer, APLC, is committed to the representation of both Law Enforcement and Safety Officers.  Our attorneys have extensive experience representing the entire spectrum of both employees of Law Enforcement and Safety Officer positions as well as representing them within a multitude of Government Agencies.   This includes representation of State, County, City, and School Districts.

For Law Enforcement, we have represented employees with a large number of occupations ranging from Lt. Wardens, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Correctional Officers, and Counselors.   Also, our lawyers have represented Parole Officers and ABC Officers.   Within Police Departments, we have represented Lieutenants, Sergeants, Detectives, and Police Officers and Jailers.  Within Counties, we’ve represented Deputies and Senior Probation Officers and Probation Officers. Within Public Safety, we have represented Battalion Chiefs, Captains, Firefighters, Engineers, and Fire Crew members.

Disability Pension

Disability Pension

The Law Offices of Edward J. Singer, APLC, handles these cases with sensitivity to disability pension issues as well as other significant issues that are unique to these positions.  The Law Offices recognizes that Law Enforcement and Safety Employees’ Workers’ Compensation Claims should not be handled in a vacuum.  The failure to understand and appreciate all of the benefits afforded to Law Enforcement and Safety Officers can result in the loss of lifetime benefits.


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