What Are California Workers’ Compensation Medical Appointments and Evaluations?

Hw Can They Damage an Injured Worker’s Claim of Industrial Injury?

In California Workers’ Compensation Law, Injured Workers attend both medical treatment appointments and evaluations as part of their claims. While these appointments are intended to provide either treatment or assess aspects of Injured Worker’s claim, such as permanent disability, these examinations and evaluations can also inform Insurance Companies of information that casts doubt as to the validity or the severity of an Injured Worker’s claim. These items are frequently called “red flags.” Many doctors who contract with insurance companies will note these “red flags” within their reporting.

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits: Union Contracts and MOUs: What You Need to Know

In California, besides the Labor Code which provides Injured Workers rights and benefits, Labor Contracts can also provide benefits and rights. Labor Contracts can be Union Contracts or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). Each Contract or MOU can provide unique Industrially Injured Workers benefits and rights that exceed the benefits extended by the Labor Code. Continue reading

What is Maximum Medical Improvement(MMI)?

What is MMI?

Why is MMI Important to Your Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Maximum Medical Improvement is the term used within California Workers’ Compensation Law which applies to when one has recovered from their industrial injury.   Previously, in Workers’ Compensation Law, the term “Permanent and Stationary” was used. Continue reading