Acupuncture and Workers’ Compensation: What You Need to Know

Acupuncture is a form of medical treatment. The California Labor Code Section 4600 specifically provides for acupuncture treatment. Labor Code Section 4600(a) states:

Medical, surgical, chiropractic, acupuncture, and hospital treatment, including nursing, medicines, medical and surgical supplies, crutches, and apparatuses, including orthotic and prosthetic devices and services, that is reasonably required to cure or relieve the injured worker from the effects of his or her injury shall be provided by the employer.

All medical treatment is subject to Utilization Review the Independent Medical Review. See LC 4600(b).

This article is intended to briefly discuss acupuncture within workers’ compensation.

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Important Terms to Know When You Are Treating for Your California Workers’ Compensation Case: What You Need to Know

Physicians within California Workers’ Compensation Law are asked to report on a number of items. These items are very important to injured workers and can trigger the payment or non-payment of benefits, or can also determine whether the worker can return to work or be denied that opportunity. Each of those factors can affect whether the employee is entitled to continued or future medical care. The Labor Code and Regulations call the Physician’s opinion on these items “Medical Determinations.”

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Heat Illnesses and Workers’ Compensation: What You Need to Know

Heat exposure can lead to many different medical conditions. There are many occupations in which Workers are exposed to extreme heat. Injuries sustained as a result of this occupational heat exposure fall within workers’ compensation. Therefore, a Worker injured due to heat exposure is entitled to claim the full accoutrements of workers’ compensation benefits: TTD, PD, Medical Care, Job Displacement Voucher and Death Benefits.

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Root Causes of Work Injuries and Workers’ Compensation: Why are They Important? What You Need to Know

With respect to work injuries, many employers have injury prevention programs to take the information from your workers’ compensation case and use it to improve workplace safety. There may be some inquiry from your employer concerning your case as to how your injury was caused and how it could have been prevented. Causes of work injuries are also important to injured workers. They may impact the amount of an injured worker’s compensation, or bar one’s entitlement to one.

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What is Meralgia Paresthetica & Why is it a Law Enforcement Work Injury? What You Need to Know

What is Meralgia Paresthetica (MP)?

Meralgia Paresthetica, which is also known as Bernhardt-Roth syndrome, is a chronic neurological disorder involving a single nerve. The condition involves a tingling, numbness or burning pain in the outer thigh. The condition involves the compression of a nerve. The nerve is the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve which supplies sensation to the surface of your outer thigh. MP involves the compression or pinching of the nerve.

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