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Fast Food Workers at a Burger King encountered a true “burger insanity” moment.

According to the reports, “[i]t started with an unruly customer and spilled pop. By the time it was over, a 17-year-old worker had to get stitches for a cut to the forehead and a 15-year-old, working her first job, suffered a busted jaw and broken teeth.”

It was reported that the unruly drive-thru customer came into the store and started to make a disturbance.  Apparently, the staff tried to get the customer out of the store and lock the door. A scuffle occurred.   The 15 year old worker said that “[w]hen I got up, all I heard was ringing. I was crying. I couldn’t open my jaw. As soon as I opened up, all you seen is blood coming down,” the 15-year-old, who asked not to be identified, said. “I barely remember what happened. After the surgery, it was just too much.”  The worker reported that  “I have screws right here, right here and under here,” she showed News 8 Wednesday, pointing to her still-swollen jaw. “Right here, it’s all numb. The doctor says that might never go away.  “I have like five teeth cracked and he knocked out one in the back,” she continued. “I’m on a full liquid diet for six weeks straight. No solid food. I can barely open my mouth.”

Also, for one of the workers, it  was her first day on the job.

This article will address many issues concerning young workers and a multi-faceted injury.

Why Was This a Mult-Faceted Work Injury?

Given the facts, it appears that the blows to the face caused a number of injuries.  The injuries could include head trauma, dental trauma, cosmetic trauma, and psychiatric trauma. As such, its is important for these workers to see a variety of specialists to obtain a proper work up.

The Fact that A Worker Had Only Worked One Day,  Is That Important?

In Workers’ Compensation, Permanent Disability and Temporary Disability payments are made based upon the Worker’s Average Weekly Wage.   In this instance, assuming this was the young worker’s first day of ever working anywhere. Also, assuming that the the worker had a future schedule of  part-time hours,  there are many ways of figuring out what should be the proper wage.  If a wage cannot be figured out and the earnings were not much, workers’ compensation law has a minimum rate which is paid to the worker.

Below is an article about the calculation of the wages.

How Workers’ Compensation Benefits are Calculated

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