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An Office Custodian has been accused of the unthinkable.  He has been arrested under allegations that he urinated in a woman’s water and transmitted her a sexually transmitted disease.

The woman suspected something wrong with her water bottles that she had at work.  She set up a hidden camera and caught the Custodian rubbing his genitals on her bottle.  It is reported that he confessed.

Eleven others may believe they are victims as well.

It is reported that the worker contracted an STD and that the accused tested positive for the same disease.   It is not clear where other workers have tested positive.

Can Sexually Transmitted Diseases Be Work-Related?

Yes. In California, Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be work-related.   In this circumstance, a Psychiatric Injury claim is most likely indicated as well.

Do They Other Workers have claims?

In California,  even if the individuals do not test positive for the STD, they too may have a valid psychiatric claim.  This, of course, would depend upon the opinion of a mental health specialist.  Their emotional upset was the result of an actual event of employment.  The event being the tampering of water bottles and their knowledge of it.  Developing the STD is not required to pursue this type of action.

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