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An Airport Ground Crew Worker tragically was “ingested” into the engine of a Delta Plane.  It is reported that the Airport Worker was killed when he was “sucked” into the jet engine. (  The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the matter.  It was also reported that the Worker was “contracted” to Delta.

Is This Incident A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Yes. In California, this accident would be considered as a workers’ compensation claim.  The claim would be for death benefits.  the death benefits claim would be for the deceased worker’s dependents.  The dependents would be entitled to both death benefits and burial expenses.

Are There Any Other Law Suits Possible?

Yes.  The news account fact pattern provided information that could be the basis for a third party liability law suit.  It was reported that the Worker was “contracted” to the airline.  Thus, it is possible that the Worker may not have been a Delta employee.  If the worker did not work for Delta, then Delta could be the subject of a civil lawsuit.  With respect to such a lawsuit, the results from the NTSB investigation might shed light as to the nature and extent of any possible negligence.  Likewise, a product’s liability case might be explored against the plane manufacturer.

Need Advice on California Workmans Compensation?

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[since writing this post, the facts concerning this matter may have changed.  The fact pattern, however, is relevant for discussion of legal issues based upon the initial fact pattern.]

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