ONECALL: What You Need to Know

In the California Workers’ Compensation System, Insurance Companies have the obligation to provide Injured Workers medical treatment to cure or relieve from the effects of their industrial injury.

In order to fulfill their obligation to provide medical care and other services, Insurance Companies utilize vendors. Vendors are businesses that provide various services. For example, a pharmacy that fills a prescription for medications would be considered a vendor.

One of these vendors that Insurance Companies use to fulfill their workers’ compensation related obligations is Onecall.

This article will discuss Onecall. Many Injured Workers have encountered Onecall during the course and scope of their treatment. They or their treating physicians may be directed to Onecall to provide services. This article will discuss the role of Onecall in workers’ compensation.


Why Is Onecall Unique?

Some vendors in workers’ compensation lend themselves to provide very specific services. For example, an Interpreting Services may provide only foreign Language Interpreters. Onecall, however, is unique in that it holds itself as a vendor which can provide a large variety of services to Insurance Companies.


What is Onecall?

As a vendor, Onecall, according to their website, provides “convenient, efficient and cost-effective healthcare for injured workers so they can get back to work and life faster.” Their goal for injured workers is to deliver care when they need it. Further, their goal is to provide the Injured Worker the right resources to help the Injured Worker navigate down the road to recovery.


What Type of Services Does Onecall Provide?

Onecall provides for a variety of services. These services include Physical Therapy, Diagnostics, Durable Medical Equipment, Home Health, Complex Care, Transport Services, Language Services, and Dental Services.


Who Contracts with Onecall? Why?

Companies that contract with Onecall include Insurance Companies, Third Party Administrators, State Funds, Adjusters, Employers, Providers, and Physicians.

Onecall, because of the large variety of services it provides, makes it a convenient vendor for Insurance Companies when they are required to provide a wide range of necessary services. In sum, it is a “one-stop” shop for Insurance Companies.


What Individuals does Onecall Deal with?

Onecall interacts with practically everybody involved in a workers’ compensation claim. This interaction includes Injured Workers, Adjusters, Nurse Case Managers, Carriers, Third Party Administrators, Self-Insured Employers, and Physicians.

For Injured Workers, Onecall makes efforts to assist with respect to upcoming appointments. Their website contains information to assist Injured Workers with respect to their upcoming appointments.


What Types of Services Can an Injured Worker get from Onecall? Is there a limit?

Injured Workers can obtain a variety of services from Onecall. These services include Acupuncture, Aqua Therapy, Certified Hand Therapy, Chiropractic Treatment, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Massage Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Tele-Rehabilitation, and Work Hardening.

Please note, however, that under California Workers’ Compensation Law, there are limitations with respect to the types of medical services that can be provided. Further, any services requested are subject to Utilization Review by the Insurance Company.

As a result, if Onecall is offered as a provider, the services were most likely authorized by the Insurance Company.

Further, an Insurance Company using Onecall may not contract for all of their services they offer. They may contract with Onecall to provide a specific service such as dentistry.


What is Your Experience with Onecall?

My experience with Onecall is mixed. In certain circumstances, I have been very happy with the result of using Onecall. I was able to get a good provider for my client. Further, my client was happy with the results. He got the treatment that he needed.

In other circumstances, there were some problems. The problems that I encountered was with respect to some of the vendors that Onecall utilized to perform services. There was some disappointment with respect to the facilities they were referred to.

In sum, I have no problem with using or working with Onecall on claims. I do, however, monitor the situation to make sure that the provision of services was done successfully.


What If I Need Advice?

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