In Dublin California, a Postal Worker was robbed by masked assailants at gunpoint.  The incident was caught on film.  The 33-year Postal Worker had a gun placed upon her head.  During the interaction, she indicated that she thought: “I’m going to die.”  She worries but told herself to keep calm.  In an interview, she stated that: “I feel anxious, I can’t sleep. My heart is pounding,” She also said that she wasn’t injured in the attack, she is seeing a therapist for her trauma. She indicated that she hoped that she could return to her job.  She indicated that she loved her customers and loved to serve them.

This incident is one which is subject to Federal Workers’ Compensation Law.  The fact pattern, however, will be addressed within California Workers’ Compensation Law.

Why Is This Case A Federal Workers’ Compensation Case?

In this instance, the Injured Worker is an employee of the Federal Government.  The United States Postal Officer is part of the Federal Government.  This is in contrast to private delivery companies such as UPS or Federal Express.  As a result, the jurisdiction for her matter is the Federal Legal System as opposed to the California Workers’ Compensation System.  Companies such as UPS or Federal Express, being private companies, are subject to State Workers’ Compensation Laws.

Was This Postal Worker Injured?

Yes.  Often, Injured Workers are unfamiliar with the terminology used within workers’ compensation.  Psychiatric Injuries are injuries.  While the worker describes herself as not being injured, anxiety, the lack of sleep and heart palpitations can rise to the level that a medical professional could assign a medical diagnosis upon them.  For instance, an Anxiety Disorder. Insomnia, and Heart Palpitations are legitimate medical conditions that can be considered as caused by work.  Therefore, she does have an injury.  It is, however, not one that individuals traditionally associate as injuries.  It should be noted that she even acknowledged that she is seeking medical attention for her condition.

What If I Need Advice?

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