What is a Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles can be of tremendous assistance to an Injured Worker in the handling of their workers’ compensation case. Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Los Angeles, due to the location, are confronted with a many workers’ compensation issues. Therefore, experienced ones are highly qualified to handle many types of claims.

Attorneys practicing in Los Angeles experience a large amount of diversity concerning the Injured Workers, Employers, Medical Conditions and Legal Issues which arise.  Some Attorneys practicing in the Los Angeles area have reputations of being at the leading edge of shaping the law to improve the benefits received by injured workers.

Injured Workers

Los Angeles contains a complex and diverse workforce.  The Los Angeles area contains a large and multicultural workforce.   In Los Angeles, it is rare to find LA natives. In Los Angeles, you can find Injured Workers from Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Central America, Latin America, Australia, and the Middle East. The City of Los Angeles has many different cultural areas, there is Chinatown, Korea Town, Thai Town, Little Tokyo, Little Ethiopia, and Little Tehran among others. There is a large Armenian community in the Los Angeles area as well.

Sometimes, there are non-English speaking clients which need assistance with their cases.  Workers’ Compensation Law allows for Injured Workers to have interpreters in their native language.  Interpreters are available for medical appointments, depositions and court hearings. The Los Angeles Area provides for an abundance of interpreters in a large variety of languages.

Further, Los Angeles contains a large variety of racial groups, African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians and Middle Easterners.   For certain racial groups, there are some medical issues that arise that are unique.

The Los Angeles area has Injured Workers from all varieties of religions as well as those who do not practice one. The Los Angeles area has practitioners from almost every religion. At times, there can be complex issues and sensitivities to people with religious issues.  Sometimes hearings or medical appointments might need to be changed because of a religious holiday or observance.

In Los Angeles, there is a large LGBT community.  At times, there can be complex issues and sensitivities when handling these cases.


The Los Angeles area has a diverse employment base. There are many industries and employment sectors such as Entertainment, Tourism, Hi-Tech, Manufacturing, Garment, Defense, Aeronautics, Government, Agriculture, Athletics, Medicine and Education.

Many employees have unique jobs which require them to work for multiple employers. For instance, entertainment workers may have multiple employers during short periods of time.  This can become an area of contention when addressing a cumulative trauma injury.


In the Los Angeles County area, there are number of local Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards at which cases can be heard. There is the Downtown Los Angeles Board, the Marina Del Rey Board, the Van Nuys Board, the Long Beach Board and the Pomona Board.  Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorneys have the opportunity to litigate cases at a multitude of Boards before a multitude of Judges.  Each Appeals Board is unique. They all have their idiosyncrasies.

Medical Treatment

The Los Angeles area has abundant source for medical treatment. There are teaching hospitals such as UCLA and USC.  There are large Medical Providers such as Cedars Sinai and Kaiser. Further, there are some cutting edge facilities such as the City of Hope for Cancer and the Grossman Burn Center. A skilled Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation practitioner has knowledge of the facilities. Further, a skilled attorney has the knowledge concerning the evaluators who perform medical-legal reporting.

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