A Dick’s Sporting Goods Store had quite an incident.   A Customer, angry over the fact that he could not purchase a gun, reportedly took out a machete and slashed the Store Manager and 2 others.  The Store Manager is reported to have serious injuries to his torso, arms, and head.  It is reported that the Manager suffered severed tendons in the arms.

Does Workers’ Compensation Treat All Injured Body Parts Treated Equally?

No.  In California Workers’ Compensation, each body part is addressed separately.   Each body part, not including psych injuries, is to be assessed under the American Medical Association Guidelines 5th Edition.   A Whole Person Impairment is assigned to each body part.   This impairment is translated into a rating percentage.  The Worker’s Occupation is also used to adjust the rating percentage.  Per the Rating Schedule, After the rating is adjusted for diminished future earning capacity, it is then modified to take into account the requirements of the specific occupation that the employee was engaged in when injured.   SCHEDULE FOR RATING PERMANENT DISABILITIES 2005.  The adjustment is based upon who value the body part is to the occupation.  In other words, a job that requires lifting will get added value for a back.  With the Manager, their torso, arms, and head will be assigned distinct values.  With a Manager, the head may be rated higher both on a cosmetic level and on a cognitive level versus the torso and arms.  Should a psychiatric injury be pled, that rating percentage would go upwards as a Manager’s job requires a significant mental capacity.

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