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It is reported that a 70 Year-Old Laundromat Employee was attacked.  A robber who was allegedly was trying to steal detergent grabbed a hammer owed by the business and struck the Laundromat Worker four times in the head.

This article will discuss issues of elderly workers as well as head traumas.

What Issues Come Up With Elderly Workers and Workers’ Compensation?

First, settlements involving buyout of medical care can be complicated.  Many elderly workers are already Medicare Recipients.  Medicare requires that a Medicare Set-Aside Trust be incorporated into settlements of medical care. As a result, buy-out settlements for Elderly Workers can be delayed.

Second, Elderly Workers receive higher disability percentages than younger workers.  The Rating Schedule provides an age adjustment for the worker’s age at the time of the injury. SCHEDULE FOR RATING PERMANENT DISABILITIES P.2-5.

What Are The Issues Concerning Head Trauma?

Head trauma injuries can be multifactorial. They can include the following items:  headaches, cosmetic defects, dental trauma, cognitive disorders and psychological issues.  Injured Workers may need to be assessed by a variety of medical specialties to address a head injury.

What if I Need Advice?

If you would like a free consultation regarding workers’ compensation, please contact the Law Offices of Edward J. Singer, a Professional Law Corporation. We have been helping people in Central and Southern California deal with their workers’ compensation cases for 27 years. Contact us today for more information.

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