Mr. Anthony Wilson, an MTA Worker, is both a hero and an Injured Worker.   It was reported that “[l]ast week, Nelson was cleaning the Pelham Bay subway station in the Bronx when police allege 49-year-old Alexander Wright began to harass customers. Nelson stepped in to protect them, but the suspect quickly turned his rage toward Nelson, breaking his collarbone and nose.”  KESQ.COM

This fact pattern may involve many unique issues. This article will discuss two important issues that come up with these type of events;  the injury investigation and the Injured Worker’s high profile work injury celebrity status.

Why Would High Profile Claim Like This Be Investigated?

In California, any assault claim has the possibility of an insurance company defense of initial physical aggressor.  The initial physical aggressor rule could bar an Injured Worker’s claim.  Therefore, it is worthy of inquiry by the insurance company.  In other words, there will be an investigation as to whether the Injured Worker made the first physical contact.

Labor Code Section 5402, allows insurance companies 90 days to investigate claims.  “If liability is not rejected within 90 days after the date the claim form is filed under Section 5401, the injury shall be presumed compensable under this division.”  Thus, the Insurance Company will got out and get witness statements and see if the incident was caught on tape before accepting the claim.

Why Is The Injured Worker’s Celebrity Status A Problem?

An Injured Worker who becomes a celebrity as a result of their injury creates a problem.

When an Injured Worker is in a high profile worker’ compensation case, they may be on television or interviewed for news articles. These television reports or interviews may reveal information concerning the Injured Worker’s injuries and their physical activity level.   Additionally, in interviews, Injured Workers may try to make a positive and uplifting impression rather than be accurate concerning their complaints.  This information can be used to impeach the Injured Worker.  Also, it could be sent to examining or evaluating physicians.

What if I Need Advice?

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