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Many Law Enforcement agencies require their staff to wear body camera.   The reported on an incident in which a Female Corrections Officer’s body camera ignited and for which she suffered injuries.  The Department immediately acted to pull the devices from 3,000 other officers pending a safety review. According to the reports, it appears that she did not suffer burn injuries but instead suffered from smoke inhalation.  She went to the hospital but was not admitted.  It was reported that “She’s doing O.K., a little traumatized.”

What is the Nature of The Correctional Officer’s Injury?

In this matter, the causation of the injury is cause to investigate whether this matter is beyond a mere workers’ compensation claim.  It is possible that there may have been a product defect.   If this was the case, then a Third Party Product’s Liability might be a cause of action.

Does The Fact that She Was Not Admitted Into the Hospital Matter? 

No.  She has a work injury which necessitated medical care.  The fact that there was no hospitalization is merely an issue with respect to the nature and extent of the injury.  In other words, the lack of hospitalization does not negate the fact that there was an injury.

What Is The Injury?

Given the facts, there injury would appear to have been a respiratory injury.  Further, in light of the comment that she was traumatized, there is possibly a psychiatric claim of injury.

Is There Another Legal Action That Can Be Pursued?

In light of the fact that it was a product involved which caused the injury,  a Product’s Liability action could be made against those involved with the manufacturing of the body camera.  This would be an entirely different action than the workers’ compensation claim.

What if I Need Advice?

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