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While food was distributed to jail inmates, a fight broke out.  In the scuffle, a Female Deputy Jailer was not only beaten, she also had her ear was partially bitten off.  She was sent to the hospital.  There was no report as to whether the ear would be able to be saved.  Foxnews

This article will discuss the numerous issues concerning this matter.

What Is Applicant’s Injury?

Work injuries can often involve multiple body parts, As a result, injuries can involve multiple medical specialties.  From the facts, the Deputy suffered possible a cosmetic injury to her ear.  Additionally, she may have suffered from a blood borne illness as there may have been a transmission of bodily fluids.  For example, if the prisoner had hepatitis c, it is possible that a blood borne disease could have been transmitted.   Additionally, the Jailer also have suffered both orthopedic and  psychiatric injuries from the assault.

What is a Cosmetic Injury? 

In California, cosmetic injuries involved the alternation of one’s physical appearance. For example  to be assessed by the using the AMA Guides for Rating Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition by using Table 11-5.  A scar or loss of part of the ear would be among the factors considered in order to determine a percentage of disability. A medical evaluator or treating doctor would make such an assessment.

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