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A FedEx Semi Truck Driver was seriously injured when, according to the police, has a rock thrown into his windshield.  It is reported that he had significant injuries to his head. According to the report, “The only thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance truck with them asking me questions,” the driver said. He also said that “I have three broken or fractured bones under my eye and I had to get a little over 27 stitches in my lip top and bottom,” Hampton said.

If No One Really Knows How The Rock Hit The Windshield, Does It Matter?

No.  Workers’ Compensation is a “no fault” system.  The regardless of how and why the rock struck the windshield, it did cause an injury.  Thus, given the fact pattern, the fact pattern presents as a legitimate work injury entitling the worker to benefits.

Where Can The Claim Be Filed?

Since the Driver works for a private company, FedEx, his case will be addressed within State Workers’ Compensation Laws.  Thus, the Driver must determine which State will serve as the venue.  There are a variety of factors that come into play with respect to this decision where to file the claim, i.e. where the driver lives, what FedEx location the driver works out of, and where the accident happened.   Thus, an analysis should be done with respect to this issue prior to filing the claim.

What Injury Claims Does This Worker Have?

In light of the facts, it would appear that this Driver suffered a head injury which included a loss of consciousness.  Usually, the loss of consciousness usually indicates that that he suffered a concussion.  Likewise, he may have suffered a vision injury.  Further, he suffered a cosmetic injury due to 27 stitches on his face.   Possibly, he may have also suffered a dental injury.   Significantly Injured Workers are overwhelmed by their immediate concerns and may miss reporting body parts at the onset of the claim.  Therefore, it is important to get them documented by either reporting the body parts to claims and the medical providers.

What if I Need Advice?

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