The United States Postal Service Mail Carriers have been assaulted and threatened in Santa Monica, California.  The situation is so bad that mail service has been suspended with respect to a certain area of the town. Assuming that these workers sustained a medical injury as a result of the assaults,  Workers’ Compensation Benefits can be pursued for both medical treatment and compensation.

Can Mail Carriers File Claims at the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board?

No. Mail Carriers work for the United States Federal Government.  Therefore, they are not subject to California State Workers’ Compensation.  They are subject to FECA.

Per the USPOIG,  “in 1916, the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) was enacted. FECA provides medical, compensation, death, and other benefits, such as vocational rehabilitation, and nursing services to federal employees who sustain injuries, including occupational diseases, as a result of their employment. All Postal Service employees are covered by FECA.” “The Department of Labor (DOL) administers FECA and makes all decisions regarding the eligibility of injured workers’ to receive workers’ compensation benefits. DOL provides direct  compensation to medical providers, claimants, and beneficiaries.“

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