Fast Food Workers are being subjected to unprecedented dangers.  Minor disputes with Customers,  such as over condiments, have led to both injury and tragedy.  A recent assault of Fast Food Workers in New York is both disturbing and unique.

Fancy French Fry Establishment Workers were assaulted by a trio of unruly customers upset over the $1.75 extra sauce charge.  Objects were thrown,  a crowd of spectators watched and did nothing, and the incident was, in a large part, captured on video.    It is reported that “[t]he women went ballistic, tearing down the plexiglass COVID guard along the counter, ripping out the cash register and hurling glass bottles and stools at the employees.”

The incident was so high profile that the worker were interviewed.  One reported bleeding from their scalp.  Another reported an aggravation of their blood pressure condition.  A number of them reported being fearful and hesitant about returning to work.

Is The Video Sufficient to Win a Workers’ Compensation Case?

No. The video is not sufficient to win these workers’ cases.  The video, however, is powerful evidence as to what happened.  Workers’ Compensation claims require medical reporting to support claims and entitlement to benefits.  Given the facts, the injuries from the incident include a head trauma, an aggravation of hypertension, and psychological complaints.

Can An Aggravation of Blood Pressure Be Claimed As A Work Injury?

Yes. An aggravation or acceleration of a pre-existing condition can constitute a work related injury in California.  A medical specialist, either a treating doctor or an evaluator, will be required to offer an opinion.

Are The Injured Workers’ Feelings and Actions Sufficient For Them To Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

No.  In the facts, some of the workers remained at home as a result of the injury.  In order for them to get workers’ compensation benefits for missing time from work, they need to be placed off work by a medical professional.  Workers who need to be off of work need to seek medical attention and have their providers determine their ability to work. A worker’s personal opinion is not sufficient.

Is There a Threshold To Prove A Psychiatric Injury In These Matters?

For each individual worker, they all must meet the threshold to prove a psychiatric injury.   In this matter, is it possible that the Labor Code Section 3208.3 provision concerning violent acts may apply.  The section indicates, “in the case of employees whose injuries resulted from being a victim of a violent act or from direct exposure to a significant violent act, the employee shall be required to demonstrate by a preponderance of the evidence that actual events of employment were a substantial cause of the injury.”  In this matter, if the parties cannot agree that the incident was a violent act, then it would be the Workers’ Compensation Judge to make that determination.

What if I Need Advice?

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