Yes. On a Wednesday, aka Hump Day, it is reported that a Camel bit a Minnesotan Zoo Worker on the head.  The Zoo Worker was dragged about 15 feet. Foxnews.com  Another another co-worker was also bit in the head.  The Injured Worker, who was bit and dragged, was airlifted to a hospital for treatment.  The other Injured Worker declined medical treatment.  The camel reportedly was not injured.

The fact pattern raises many important issues within workers’ compensation.

Who Pays for the Worker’s Airlift to Get Medical Treatment?

In California, medical transportation is considered as part of medical treatment.  As such, if an ambulance or airlifting is medically necessary, the expense is to be paid for by the workers’ compensation carrier.

What Are the Concerns for the Injured Worker Who Was Dragged?

The Injured Worker who was bitten and dragged by the head has multiple medical concerns.  First, there is question as to whether a Camel bite can transmit any blood borne illnesses or infections. Second, there is the question as to whether there was a head injury or trauma.  Third, there is the concern as to whether there was an orthopedic neck injury. Finally, there is a concern that this injury caused an emotional injury.  As such, it is important for the Injured Worker  document with the medical providers all of their complaints.

Is There Any Concern for the Injured Worker Who Declined Medical Treatment?

Yes. Sometimes, at the time of the accident, an Injured Worker may feel that they were not injured.  Sometimes, the next day they start feeling aches and pains from the accident.  Therefore, it is important that the Injured Worker, even though they are not seeking medical attention, fill out a workers’ compensation claim form, a DWC-1,  and note the body parts affected.  In this instance, the Injured Worker should note that they were bitten on the head.

What if I Need Advice?

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