Recently, there has been an article reporting concerning the dangers of working at Amazon Warehouses. Amazon employs large numbers of warehouse workers and has high standards concerning productivity. Delivering packets on the same day, the next day or within two days is very demanding. As a result, this high level of productivity and demands upon workers, there have been a number of work injuries which have resulted in workers’ compensation claim.

This article will discuss injuries in Warehouses as well as a discussion of the work safety issues present at Amazon.

How is Warehouse Work Dangerous?

Warehouses can be dangerous for many reasons.


Some Warehouses have heavy machinery and equipment which move around the facility.

Hazardous Materials

Another area of concern is that a number of facilities may contain hazardous materials. Hazardous Materials can cause injuries are a result of leaks, spills or other releases. Hazardous Materials can result in exposure to workers throughout the facility. Additionally, with Hazardous Materials that are flammable, there can be a risk of fire at the facility.


Forklifts can also be a problem. Per OSHA, they are both a source of death and serious injuries in the workplace.

Slips and Falls

Further, in Warehouses, the facilities may have slick flooring. This can result in slip, trip and fall injuries. The risk of slip and falls can increase when there are narrow walking areas as well as a variety of objects and liquids which may when up on the floor’s surface.

Working at Heights

Also, there is dangers with respect to working at heights. There may be times that objects to be moved or manipulated high above the ground. Workers, in those circumstances, are at risk for falls.

Falling Objects

Further, objects stored at heights can possibly fall and strike workers as well.

Why are there Problems with Amazon?

In an article in Atlantic 11/2019, Will Evans reported the problem with respect to Amazon. The article reported on an Eastvale, California facility which is a 4 story building located in the Inland Empire. With the facility, besides workers, there are robots that are working as well. The article details that there are very demanding quotas. Further, it discussed how the workers’ efficiency is tracked via proprietary software.

An investigation from Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting found that the company’s obsession with speed turned its Warehouses to injury mills. For 2018, their injury rate was more than double the industry average. The facility at Eastvale was four times the industrial average. The article discusses how the aggressive production demand overwhelms the safety team’s efforts. There were also problems with Humans working around and with robots. An increase in injuries occurred when there was the introduction of robots.

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