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Breitbart reports that there is an epidemic of work-related injuries to Police Officers. It is reported that over 100,000 Police Officers have been attacked over the past two years.  Further, 194 officers have been feloniously killed.   According to the article, “[t]hat number of 79,000 law enforcement officers being physically assaulted in 2023 is a sharp, sharp increase from previous years,” Sutton told the outlet. “Many of these attacks wind up in disabling injuries or serious injuries, which can have dramatic effects on the life [and] on the mental and physical well-being of these law enforcement officers.”
This article will discuss the pertinent issues with respect to this matter with respect to California Workers’ Compensation Law.  

Do These Statistics Mean Anything Concerning An Individual Police Officer’s Work Injury?

No.  Every work injury is unique. One Police Officer comparing their work injury claim to another Police Officer, for the most part, is like comparing apples to oranges.  Each Police Officer’s claim of injury is different.  The results of work injury claims can be impacted by a multitude of facts.  These include the employee’s prior history of work injuries, their prior medical history, their age, and the multitude of body parts claimed.   Likewise, the nature and extent of injury to each particular body part is a factor.  Thus, it is very likely that two Police Officers involved in the same incident and suffering the same injuries would most likely would receive different percentages of disability. 

What If One of These Attacks Prevents A Police Officer From Returning to the Job?

If it is determined that a Police Officer’s injuries prevent them from returning to work in their usual and customary position, there is the option of disability retirement.  Disability Retirement is different from workers’ compensation.  It pays different benefits.  Further, it is administered by such agencies as CALPERS or LACERA.  The agencies administrating retirement claims have rules different from those of workers’ compensation.  

What If I Need Advice?

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