What Industries Are Most Susceptible to Worker’s Compensation Claims?

In handling workers’ compensation cases, there tends to be patterns in finding that certain industries and professions tend to have more work injuries than others.

Here is a brief overview of dangerous industries, how they compare to the national average, and who to contact to file a claim if need arises.

Professions with the Most Injuries

As worker’s compensation is based on injuries acquired at work, there is a definite correlation between claims and professions that have a high injury rate.

Police and security workers, transportation workers (truck drivers in particular), and construction workers are all generally regarded as working in potentially hazardous industries, so it’s no surprise that they also exceed the national norm in compensation claims.


Construction deserves special mention due to it being one of the most common “dangerous” professions and one with a large workforce of six million people nationwide. Construction workers rank seventh in the nation in non-fatal on the job injuries or illnesses requiring time off. These injuries occurred in roughly 382 per 10,000 workers and totaled 9 percent of all non-fatal work related injuries (3.3 million in total) in the nation.

Falls are of special concern as they account for 22 percent of all construction related non-fatal injuries. Falls also account for a large amount of worker’s compensation with roofers totaling $54 million in claims and carpenters $93 million. Lost time was also notable with an average of $106,000 for roofers and carpenters averaging $97,000.


According to the 2015 report by the California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB), California has the highest premium rates in the United States. The study also notes that the average California medical benefit per claim is among the highest in the country with costs more than 90% above the countrywide median.

As the above demonstrates, many industries are quite dangerous and prone to compensation cases due to the nature of the work involved. Anyone who works in these industries and who has been injured on the job should contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney otherwise know as a “Work Injury Lawyer” in Los Angeles, California, as soon as possible.

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