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What is a Work Injury?

In California, Work Injuries are generally of two types. There are specific injuries and cumulative trauma injuries.

A specific injury is one which occurs as a single event. Examples of specific injuries are as follows:

  • A warehouse worker injuring his/her back while lifting a box
  • A pizza delivery injuring his/her neck in a car accident
  • A factory worker suffering a chemical burns when a bottle of acid broke and the liquid got on his/her skin
  • A bank teller sustaining a psychiatric injury from being involved in a bank robbery


A cumulative trauma injury is one that occurs over time. It can be from repetitive trauma or it could be as a result of continuous exposure:

  • A police officer developing heart problems as a result of the stress of law enforcement duties
  • A firefighter developing cancer as a result of exposure to carcinogens during the years of putting out fires
  • A secretary developing carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of typing
  • A factory worker suffering hearing loss from exposure to loud noises

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