WCITN #4: Black Bear Problem On Aisle 3

While there were no work injuries, it was one that was quite memorable day for the Ralph’s Supermarket Employees at the Porter Ranch, California location.  A Black Bear went grocery shopping.  Brave workers were able to chase the 125 pound wild animal out of the store.   Eventually, wildlife officials were able to take the animal to a safe location. alt987fm

It is quite possible that the store employees or the wildlife officials could have injured themselves when they encountered the animal.

Are Animal Related Injuries Worker’ Compensation?

Yes. Workers who are injured by animals at work can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

What Types of Injures Can be Animal-Related?

There is a wide variety of ways a Worker can get injured by Animals.

  • Allergic Reactions: This can include Cats, Dogs and Horses for dander, Fish, Shellfish and Insects
  • Attacks: This can include Cows, Cattle and Dogs.
  • Bites: This can be from Cats, Dogs, and Insects
    • These bites can include venom. Bites can cause illnesses such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.
  • Exposure/Inhalation: Workers can experience respiratory diseases as a result of exposure to animal products, dust, pathogens or chemicals(pesticides/disinfectants.)See Occupational Health (M Friesen and K Applebaum Section Editors) Published: 10 December 2019 Recent Research on Occupational Animal Exposures and Health Risks: A Narrative Review Caroline Dignard & Jessica H. Leibler Current Environmental Health Reports volume 6, pages236–246(2019)
  • Falls: Workers can fall off of ladders when being distracted by insects or fowl.
  • Goring: This can occur in the rodeo settling.
  • Interference: This can occur during transportation.   For example, Animals on roads causing drivers to swerve or stop.
  • Lifting: Certain Job tasks involve the lifting of both live and dead animals
  • Mechanical Interference:  Animals getting into machinery causing dysfunction. For example, Birds getting sucked into jet turbines.
  • Scratches: Scratches from cats can cause disease.

What If I Need Legal Advice?

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