IWITN #45: A Tragic Shooting Death & Injury Of Subway Employees

It is reported that one Subway Sandwich Artist was tragically murdered and that another was shot at an Atlanta Subway Sandwich Store.   A customer,  upset over too much mayo being placed upon a sandwich,  reportedly became violent and fired shots.  The tragedy is made worse as the son of the deceased worker was present. Dailymail.com

The focus of this post will be with respect to the child who was present and their rights.  This will discuss the matter in light of California Law.

Can The Child File a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Yes.  If the child’s mother was a worker and passed, it is likely that a dependency death claim can be pursued.   This would be based upon the child’s age and whether their mother provided support.

Are There Any Other Benefits That The Child Could Obtain?

Yes. In the State of California, there is a Victim’s Crime Board (CalVCB) that can provide assistance.  In order to qualify, a person “must be a victim of a qualifying crime involving physical injury, the threat of physical injury or death to qualify for compensation. For certain crimes, emotional injury alone is all that needs to be sustained. Certain family members or other loved ones may also qualify.”  There are certain criteria that must be met as well.

One benefit that can be provided is mental health services.   CalVCB can provide assistance in getting “An eligible victim may receive up to three mental health counseling sessions. Providers are required to complete a treatment plan and submit it to CalVCB before the client’s fourth session to obtain additional sessions.

There may be other benefits available.  The Victim’s Crime Board website has the information.

What If I Need Advice?

If you would like a free consultation regarding workers’ compensation, please contact the Law Offices of Edward J. Singer, a Professional Law Corporation. We have been helping people in Central and Southern California deal with their workers’ compensation cases for 27 years. Contact us today for more information.

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