Apparently Robots trapped an Amazon Worker in a warehouse.  He documented this incident and posted it on TikTok.  It is reported “In a truly mesmerizing moment, just as the man turns down one route, his pathway to freedom is blocked as another yellow shelf is moved directly into his way, forcing him to turn around. Viewers of the video were surprised by the worker’s encounter with one describing it as ‘a true horror movie.’”

Did the facts presented warrant a work injury claim? Scary or traumatic events do not necessarily translate into a work injury claim.

How Could This Incident Be A Work Injury?

In order for there to be a work injury, there must be a finding of a medical problem that can be either physical or mental nature.  This finding should be made by a health practitioner.  Thus, a worker believing that they were injured also need to present medical opinion of a work injury and a diagnosis.  If this worker believed that he sustained an injury, he could report a claim to his supervisor. He will then be sent for treatment and evaluation.

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