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It is reported that a Fast-Food Worker was assaulted and shot in the face by twin sisters. This assault was apparently triggered over a dispute over a $3.00 hamburger that was missing from an order.  According to the police, the sisters “proceeded to attack (Mr.)Rodriguez and one of them shot him in the face while he was down.” 

Videotape showed that the worker was punched in the face, wrestled to the group and shot in the face.  The injury was described as “'[t]he bullet went through [his] upper lip and took out [his] upper teeth and cracked [his] bottom teeth, so those will have to be replaced,’ Rodriguez said.  He also had to use a neck brace to stabilize a part of his spine which was fractured by the bullet. “

Can Dental Problems Be Work-Related?

In California, dental injuries are included in workers’ compensation.  Therefore, dental care is also included within medical care.  So, if the Injured Worker needed to have teeth replaced, it will be done.  Likewise, the medical care includes future medical care.  So, if any dental repair needs to be done to the repaired teeth, the additional dental care will be provided.

What Type of Workers’ Compensation Injuries May Be Claimed Given These Facts?

From the facts, it would appear that the Injured Worker may have sustained dental injuries, orthopedic injures, possible cosmetic injuries,  a head injury and a psychiatric injury.  Reporting of medical professionals are necessary to determine the nature and extent of the Injured Worker’s problems.

What If I Need Advice?

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