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In New York City, a Cemetery Worker was crushed by a headstone weight 2,000 pounds. At the time, she was clearing graves.  It is reported that the 53-year- old worker was a mother of 5 and that one of her sons was working with her at the time.

Sadly, she died shortly after she was brought to the hospital.  It is reported that both the worker and her son worked for a third-party company. The family is suing the cemetery.

How Can the Family Sue the Cemetery?

In this instance, the Cemetery Worker was employed by another company and not the Cemetery itself.

Frequently facilities, such as Cemeteries or Malls may contract with outside companies to perform maintenance or janitorial work.  Thus, the Cemetery Worker’s family can seek workers’ compensation benefits against her actual employer, the outside company which provided the maintenance, as well as the Cemetery.  The Cemetery, given the facts, would be considered as a Third Party.  The suit against the Third Party would be for personal injury as opposed to a workers’ compensation claim.

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