The Workers’ Compensation System is a Risk Management System.  It is designed to payout benefits for work-related injuries.   Therefore, it is very important for the industry to identify what types of injuries and occupations have high risk of injury.

The US Government has a Bureau of Labor Statistics which identify both common injuries and what occupations are at risk for injury.  On 11/4/20, statistics were issued for the year 2019.

This article will discuss common work-related injuries, occupations which have high rates of incidence for work injuries and other information.

What are Common Worker Related Injuries?

In the Manufacturing Field, the Injuries Rates were:  Sprains, Strains, or Tears (28.0 percent), Soreness or Pain (14.5 percent), and Cuts, Lacerations, or Punctures (13.3 percent)

What Occupations Have Higher Rates of Injury?

In order of incidences, per the BLS report, the occupations with the highest rate of injuries are listed from highest to lowest:

Nurses Assistants

Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Laborers and freight, Stock and Material Movers, Hand

Light Truck Drivers

Construction Laborers

Maintenance and Repair Workers, General

Stockers and Order Fillers

Janitors and Cleaners, except Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners

Registered Nurses

Retail Salespersons

Is There Other Interesting Data? 


Elderly Workers:  “Private industry workers age 65 years or over had a median of 16 days away from work due to injuries and illnesses in 2019, compared to 8 days for all private industry workers.”

Male vs. Female Workers:  Men had higher injury rates that Women in 2019.

What Does This Data Mean to Workers?

Employers and Risk Management, knowing this data, will act upon these matter.   For example, Carriers may pay close attention to elderly injured workers due to the fact that they have extended periods of disability.  There may be some incentive to offer them modified work.  Further, for occupations that have high work injury rates, safety classes and other measures may be implemented to address lifting techniques and other techniques to prevent risk.

What If I Need Advice?

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