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A Stanford University Study reported on the residual complications from COVID-19. This study is important to Injured Workers who have filed COVID-19 related claims.

This article will address the study and what it means for Injured Workers.

What Was the Study About?

The study looked at COVID-19 patients, most of them who had been hospitalized, who reported symptoms and signs months after they became ill.  Stanford Press Release.

What Did the Study Find?

The study reported 84 different symptoms and signs from the patients. “Among the most common lingering symptoms were shortness of breath, fatigue, and sleep disorders.   In all, 84 different symptoms and clinical signs were reported, including loss of taste, and smell, cognitive disorders such as loss of memory and difficulty concentrating, depression, anxiety, chest pain and fevers.” Stanford.

Also, these persistant symptoms were found present in about 70 percent of those patients coming out of moderate to serious COVID-19. Stanford.

What Does This Mean for Injured Workers?

At some point, if these symptoms remain persistent, the Treating Doctors, Qualified Medical Evaluators, and Agreed Medical Evaluators will need to make a determination that these symptoms should be considered as permanent impairment. An assignment as permanent impairment allows an Injured Worker to collect permanent disability benefits.  The medical providers, in order to do so, may need to do make these determinations ahead of additional studies that may come in the future.

Further, due to the myriad of symptomology, a variety of specialties may be necessaryt to address these impairments.  These specialties may include internal medicine doctors, neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

What If I Need Advice?

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