A Bolshoi Theater had a tragedy occurred when an actor was crushed to death when a set backdrop fell upon him.   The actor was 37 years old.  It is reported that former Bolshoi performers condemned the working conditions.

According to the story, “Nikolai Tsiskardze, a former principal dancer at the theatre, told Russian newspaper Komsomolkaya Pravda following the incident that the company’s actors, dancers and workers suffer frequent injuries and near-misses as a result of the dangerous working conditions. ‘Backstage is hell,’ said Tsiskardze. ‘Dancers damage their legs when sets and staircases fall over. I have been screaming about the problems of the Bolshoi for 25 years. There is no order, no medicine, no ethics.’

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Deaths?

Yes.  Workers’ Compensation Law in California would consider this fatality to be a death claim.  In general, dependents of the actor would be able to make a claim for death benefits.   Dependency benefits are based upon whether the claimed dependent is either actually dependent or legally dependent upon the deceased.   Dependency is a matter that requires analysis and must address certain time periods.    Additionally, burial expenses up to $10,000.00, are to be provided.

Is There Any Other Claims?

Given the facts, and the work conditions, there were issues of dangerous work conditions.   There is the possibility of a serious and willful misconduct claim in the matter.  A CAL-OSHA investigation may reveal whether there were any safety violations.  This would be an issue worth investigating.  Also, if the Theatre was owned and operated by a Third Party, a civil suit might be indicated if there was negligence on their part.

What If I Need Legal Advice?

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