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An Irate Passenger stabbed a MTA Bus Driver’s left hand. It was reported that the two had gotten into an argument. As a result of the injury, the driver was taken to the hospital and was reportedly in stable condition.

This article will discuss how this matter will be assessed as a work injury and how the permanent disability will be assessed.

If The Assault Was Brought On By A Worker-Customer Argument, Would The Stabbing Be Considered Work-Related?

Most likely yes.  If the argument was only verbal, then the matter would remain as a work-related injury and the MTA Bus Driver would receive workers’ compensation benefits.  Had there been an argument and the MTA Bus Driver initiated the physical violence upon the Passenger, then the “initial physical aggressor” rule which bars compensation would have to be addressed.   If the Driver was found to be the “initial physical aggressor”, then benefits would be barred.  This factual determination is the purview of Workers’ Compensation Judge. As such, it would be likely that a Trial with testimony would occur.

What Types Of Injuries Occurred In This Incident?

Given this fact pattern, a stabbing injury is likely to cause an orthopedic hand injury, a possible transmission of a blood borne illness, and perhaps a psychiatric injury.

How Does One Assess A Hand Impairment Injury?

In Cailfornia, Permanent Disability Percentage is calculated by using the AMA Guides for the evaluation of permanent impairment.  According to the AMA, the ”AMA Guides provide a reliable, repeatable measurement framework for permanent impairment in patients who have suffered an injury or illness resulting in long-term loss of a body part or reduction of body function.”  With respect to a Hand Impairment,  loss of range of motion and possibly grip loss will be assessed.  Likewise, since it was a stabbing injury, ia skin disorder or a nerve disorder may also be evaluated concerning impairment.

What if I Need Advice?

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