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A TikTok trend, is stressing out Starbucks Baristas.  The NyPost reports that customers who are TikTok fans are essentially harassing workers with outlandish orders.  One famous order is from an Edward.  Edward’s drink is a double blended drink containing 13 ingredients. nypost.   Unless a commensurate tip is provided for time consuming orders, it is  understandable why these customized drinks can be a source of Barrista stress, anxiety and upset.  Further, too many of these orders simultaneously ordered could place a real grind on the fulfillment of regular orders.

Customer stress can a valid basis for a Workers’ Compensation “Stress” or “Psyche” claim. Should the stress from being inundated by these ridiculous time consuming orders give rise to an emotional disorder, a Barrista could consider filing a workers’ compensation claim to seek medical attention and benefits.

Are There Any Requirements to File Such a Claim?

Before filing a workers’ compensation claim, it is important for an Injured Worker to have some understanding as to whether they will prevail.

The “Six-Month” Rule

Given a claim relating to excessive order, an employee must have six months of employment that need not be continuous.  If you have issues as to whether you worked six months, an attorney consultation is indicated.

“Predominant Cause”

The employee must provide by a preponderance of the evidence that the injury was caused by work.  There is a defense of good faith personnel action.   If there are various sources of work stress such as write-ups or discipline, an attorney consultation is indicated.

What If I Need Advice?

If you would like a free consultation regarding workers’ compensation, please contact the Law Offices of Edward J. Singer, a Professional Law Corporation. We have been helping people in Central and Southern California deal with their workers’ compensation cases for 27 years. Contact us today for more information.


Mental Health Professionals, Psychiatric Injury Claims & Workers’ Compensation: What You Need To Know

In California Workers’ Compensation Law, Mental Health Claims are allowable.  Mental Health claims are commonly referred to as “stress claims.”    Injured Workers pursuing these psychiatric injury claims frequently seek medical attention.

This article will discuss the types of medical treatment available for those seeking mental health care.  There are a variety of mental health providers that Injured Workers can encounter as part of their workers’ compensation Psychiatric Injury Claim.  This article will also discuss the types of providers and treatment available for mental health treatment. Continue reading

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